KLEAN is funded by the European Commission under the Clean Sky JTI (Joint Technology Initiative,, call SP1-JTI-CS-2011-03, activity SGO (System for Green Operation).


KLEAN is a 18 months project which started in June 2012. The sole project beneficiary is CNIT (Italy).


KLEAN final objective is the development of a custom knowledge-based EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) with SW packages implementing Advanced Weather Radar Post-processor (AWRP) and QAI (Quasi-Artificial Intelligence) agent algorithms, for green trajectory optimization (reduction of CO2 and NOX emissions as well as noise pollution).


The EFB is also customized to include an ad hoc Graphical User Interface (GUI) for output presentation and pilot interaction and custom I/O interfaces to radar processor, external sensors/systems/database and the Mission/Flight simulator.


The KLEAN specific objectives and their progress are summarized below:


Ob.1 - EFB overview, selection and purchasing:   CompleteThe EFB producer has been selected based on the KLEAN project requirements (Deliverables D2.1, D2.2) and after a global EFB market review (Deliverable D3.1 related to the MS3). The EFB purchase order has been sent to Astronautics Corp. of America. on 7/3/2013, the negotiation phase has been closed on 20/5/2013.


Ob.2 - SW integration and refinement of AWRP algorithms:    Complete . The AWRP  algorithms have been analysed (deliverable D4.1 related to the MS5) and refined for the implementation on the EFB following the KLEAN architecture (D2.2)


Ob.3 - SW integration and refinement of QAI agent algorithm for green trajectory optimization:  Partial The QAI  algorithms have been analysed (deliverable D5.1 related to the MS5) and refined for the implementation on the EFB


Ob.4 - Design and implementation of a GUI interface for result display and control : Partial. The GUI interface has been roughly designed (deliverable D6.1 related to the MS5) but not implemented due to delay in the EFB delivery .


Ob.5 - Design and implementation of a few I/O interfaces for the AWRP, for the Mission/flight simulator and for the internal/external sensors/system/database: Partial


Ob.6 - Realization and testing of a demonstrator of the KLEAN system: None


Ob.7 - Roadmap for the KLEAN system certification: None